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DVD Formats

We can arrange DVD Pressing of DVD 5 - DVD 9 - DVD 10 format DVDs.
The Digital Versatile Disc - DVD - is the storage medium of the future, and the successor to the CD. The product is characterised by outstanding sound and picture quality and rapid access times. The DVD is also extremely versatile.
Below is a brief description of each format.

DVD-5 Format

DVD-5 Single Sided Single Layer - 4.7GB
Video Play - 2 Hours 10 Minutes.
DVD-info 05

DVD-9 Format

DVD-9 Single Sided Dual Layer - 8.54GB
Video Play - 3 Hours 56 Minutes
DVD-info 09

DVD-10 Format

DVD-10 Double Sided Single Layer - 9.4GB
Video Play - 4 Hours 19 Minutes
DVD-info 10

DVD-18 Format


DVD-18 Double Sided Dual Layer - 17.1GB
DVD-info 18



Although there are four formats listed above, we currently only deal with three.

DVD 5 - DVD 9 - DVD 10

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