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CD Production - Pressing Replication.

CD pressing has never been easier, with our personal service we can help and advise you on all aspects to get your cd pressed aned dlivered on time. Please check out our many information pages which lay out all the basic info you'll need and also, what you'll need to supply us with. If you have any questions, simply e-mail us or give us a call, we're here to help.
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CD Pressing, Replication vs CD Duplication

CD's are pressed not duplicated, meaning these are made from a glass master and are just like the ones you buy in the shops. The difference is, in cd duplication cd's are normally copied or burned on duplication machines, CD Pressing - CD Replication involves stamping your cd's in a pressing plant from the glass master. CD Pressing or CD Replication are just terms for the same thing and both are commonly used.

Turnaround Times.

Your cd's are delivered normally approx 14 days from when the parts reach the cd pressing plant. Most delays are caused by problems that could be sorted before the job is submitted for production.
We give a personal service and will be able to advise you on all the steps and normally spot any problems before they cause delays. Your cd's will be delivered to your door with all the printed parts in place and ready to sell, you can also have them cellophane wrapped.

Minimum Order for CD Pressing - CD Replication

The minimum order for cd pressing is 500, however we would always advise you to go for 1000 as this will give you a significant saving and greatly lower the cost per cd.

cdrbook Red Book Audio Master:

You'll need to master your audio to Red Book standard ready to produce the Glass Master from which your CD's will be pressed. If you wish we can do this for you and we only charge £5 per track + VAT. Apart from writing the codes needed your audio will also be mastered to the optimum level for CD pressing.
See our page on producing an audio master for more info.

artwork CD Artwork & Design

Do it yourself, that's fine. We'll advise you on exactly what you need to supply or if you wish, from only £50 + VAT we'll prepare your artwork for you from your guidelines to the exact specifications the cd pressing plant requires. This is an area where most delays occur so great care should be taken in the preperation of your artwork.
Check out the artwork & design section for further information.

mcpscd MCPS and CD Copyright.

An often forgotten but vital part of the operation. It's a legal requirement to obtain a licence for the use of other peoples work and a CD pressing plant will need proof of such. We'll guide you through the jungle of dealing with the M.C.P.S. and you'll soon see it's easier than you think to be completely legal. You can apply for an AP2 licence form here. MCPS AP2 Licence Form

skull-smallAnti Piracy

We obviously have to be very careful that we do not break the law. To help protect ourselves and and also to fulfil our legal obligation, You will be asked to complete an IPR (Intellectual Proprty Rights) form to state that you are the owner of the content to be duplicated or have permission or a relevant licence has been obtained. Check out our copyright section for further information.
You should also check out these pages.
MCPS AP2 Licence FAQ page.
ISRC Codes Explained.

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