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What is a PQ sheet - How do I make one?

You will use a piece of Software to write your audio CD, It should be written to what is known as to Red Book Standard in DAO mode. (Disc At Once)
As well as the music, all the other information is included on the disc including track numbers, track times, track name, gaps and ISRC codes. All of this information should printed out onto a PQ sheet and supplied with the job when the CD is mastered.
This information is used by our audio engineer whilst making the glass master.
There is normally a print option on the CD Burning software or sometimes you can save as text and then print the PQ Sheet information out.

What does a PQ Sheet Look Like ?
In my CD Burning software I've created a sample cd which contains 10 tracks, I've added a Barcode number and ISRC Codes. See an example of what a PQ Sheet would look like for this project.
Here's a sample a sample PQ SheetPQ Sheet.
It's a pdf so you can right click this link and download it if you wish.
I've written the ISRC Codes as if the year is 2011.

Here's a small jpeg of what it looks like.
Catalogue No:
Note the Catalogue No: A1CD1101,
It pays to give your catalogue number some thought and make it something useful to you. We will need a catalogue number for our system.
A1CD stands for my company 11 stands for year 2011 & 01 means first realease of that year, It's really handy as in the future you'll be able to tell exactly what year your cd was realeased just by looking at the catalogue number.

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